Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 386

Today was a quiet day of preparation for the year ahead. I installed new software. I backed up old files. I got all the printers running again. I even finished a couple of retouching projects that I've been avoiding for weeks because they were so tedious I didn't want to do them at all. National Geographic finally found the missing forms I needed to sign in order to get paid. If you read these forms out loud, it would take longer than the entire length of the show I worked on. I sign a lot of these kind of forms. They all basically say the same thing. I agree to relinquish all rights to whatever I was working on until the end of time. It used to bother me to sign over the rights to my creative work, but I've come to realize that it's never wise to bite the hand that feeds you. Work is work. Anyway, nothing is stopping me from doing whatever I want on my own time.

I was looking through my closet today for a suit that was still in style. Now that business casual is de rigueur in offices large and small, about the only ocassion you get to wear a suit anymore are weddings and funerals. We're going to a friend's wedding this weekend, so I need to find a suitable suit. I must have really liked double-breasted suits at one point, because I found plenty of those. These suits were really popular from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's, but you seldom see anyone wearing one today. Too bad. I always liked the look of a double-breasted suit. I finally found a nice looking single-breasted Valentino suit that met Janet's approval. She always afraid I'll pull something out of my closet that looks like a Saturday Night Fever flashback. Not to worry. I don't think those clothes fit anymore.

Dash did great in training class tonight. Tom, our teacher, mentioned twice that he was really showing improvement. This almost never happens. Dash must have been been in a good mood. Or maybe he's been making his own New Year's resolutions. It would certainly be nice if Dash happened to make a resolution not to bark so much this year.

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  1. Maggie only barks when she has to... like when someone comes up the driveway, into the house. She's mostly quiet when it's just us. Add another person... noisy!