Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 393

We opened a new bag of food for the dogs this morning and were amazed to discover that it was full of worms and little black bugs. It was all fairly disgusting, so Janet cooked Dot and Dash some eggs instead and I took the bag back to the pet store. The pet store people initially seemed a bit sceptical that their premium, all natural dog food could be full of worms, but while I was talking to them, a worm crawled out of the bag and started slithering across the counter. The girl at the register screamed and the manager immediately offered to give me a new bag.

Now, I don't know what to do. It's so hard to find a diet for your pet that you can really trust. There are just about as many opinions about what dogs should eat as there are dogs. This particular brand was helping Dash's coat return to normal. It seemed nutritious without a lot of excess calories, but I really don't like the idea of opening a bag and having worms and bugs crawl out. Some of my friends say a raw diet is the answer, but I'm not sure about that either.

I had lunch with a friend for the second day in a row. For a solitary person like me, this constitutes a full social calendar. I'll probably eat lunch with the dogs for the rest of the month, but it was nice to catch up on things. The last time my friend Alan and I got together, he predicted that within a year I would have a Facebook page and a cell phone out of simple necessity. I didn't believe him then, but he was right. Alan was a little surprised that I had adapted to life in the fast lane so quickly, but what choice did I have? There's just no point in doing something new unless you are going to do it well.

FedEx finally delivered the software I need to complete the migration of my business over to the new computer. I'm ready to go now, although I still can't decide the best way to move all my video and image files. The files transfers seem to be the most painless and trouble-free when I burn the images to a DVD and transfer them that way. The only problem is that if I moved all the files this way, I would have to burn a hundred and fifty 4.7 GB DVD's. Maybe I don't need all these files anymore.

It didn't get above freezing today. I put two coats on each of the dogs when I walked them this morning, but they still didn't want to go outside. I wasn't that wild about going outside either.

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