Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 404

This is the time of year when you can start to tell if people have a little too much on their plates. One sure sign is that they still have all their Christmas lights up on their house. There are still a few houses in the neighborhood that remain lit up in the evenings like it was Christmas Eve and this afternoon I saw a car driving down our street that still had one of those little Christmas wreaths attached to the front grill. It is comforting for me to see these things, because at least I know there's somebody in the neighborhood more disorganized than I am.

I can't act too superior about all this though. I still have a small pile of Christmas gifts sitting on a chair in the living room right next to where the Christmas tree was about a month ago. I'll get these things put away soon enough though. I am making progress. Today I took one of those items off the chair, got my woodworking tools out of the garage and turned it into something that could actually be used. The item in question was a pretty wood chopping block designed to fit over your sink with a built-in colander. The only problem was that this chopping block was designed to fit over today's huge sinks, instead of the smaller mid-century modern sink in our kitchen. After a little work with a miter saw and a belt sander, I had the thing looking exactly the same, except smaller. Now it fits perfectly! I enjoy woodworking, but since I don't have a proper shop or even a good place to store my tools, I seldom tackle any major projects. It takes me longer to find my tools these days than it does to do the work.

It didn't take Dash long to find a friend at the dog park today. Most of the time he is kind of tentative when another dog approaches him and they quickly move on to a friendlier pooch. Today he found a dog who wouldn't give up on him though. After about five minutes of racing around with his tail between his legs, Dash realized that the other dog just wanted to have fun and he started playing in earnest. This was his best day at the dog park ever. He wasn't just running around today. He was jumping, barking and rolling in the dirt, just like a normal dog.

Today's pretty Dalmatian of the Day is Chloe, one of the three new girls we picked up recently. She isn't quite healthy enough to adopt yet, but she will be soon. I don't think it will take this one long to find a home. She's a wonderful dog.

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  1. Chloe IS pretty- I like it when we know the name of the DotD.

  2. You can always find out more about each dog by clicking on the "Dalmatian of the Day" link above the picture. This link takes you straight to each dog's page on the Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas website.