Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 415

The first thing I did this morning was fall on the ice and hit my head on the concrete driveway. I've had a headache for the rest of the day. This weather is absolutely treacherous. It's not just ice on the roads now. It's ice everywhere. All the remaining snow has turned into thick sheets of ice. It's hard to go ten feet without falling on your butt. I wish I could just train the dogs to use the toilet, but they insist on going on their regular walks. I really need a pair of golf shoes or football cleats. Even my good hiking boots don't have any traction on this ice. I have to look for grassy areas and kick through the ice sheet with every step to avoid falling over. I don't know how the dogs manage to stay upright. They do slip and slide a bit, but they certainly seem to get around a lot better than I do. Their claws must give them the extra traction I'm looking for.

Still no mail delivery today. I drove down to the post office to see what was going on and discovered that the postmaster didn't know much more than I did. He did tell me that Cindy, our regular mail carrier, was sick and that they were using a substitute this week. He also told me that the mail carriers were authorized to come in early without finishing their deliveries if conditions looked bad. I guess conditions looked bad to the new guy all week, since I still haven't received any mail. It'll be a miracle if I ever get all of this week's mail. I wouldn't be surprised if some of it got thrown under the mail truck's tires to get out of a ditch.

Everybody seems to be blaming the city's weather related misfortunes on the Superbowl. The street would be clear, they say, if all the sand trucks hadn't been diverted to clear the streets around the Superbowl. Yesterday's power outages would never have happened if the Superbowl hadn't sucked up all the power. On and on it goes. I've never heard so many things blamed on the Superbowl in my life. I think the real reason for all the slowdowns is that we just don't know how to cope with Winter down here. Hey, if we wanted snow and ice, most of us wouldn't have moved to Texas in the first place.

Nobody seems to know if the garbage trucks are going to pick up the trash on our street tomorrow morning. Somehow, I doubt it.

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  1. John, please monitor that head injury! A bump on the head can be treacherous, especially one from concrete! If you feel nauseous or dizzy, if you have any kind of visual disturbance or excessive sleepiness, please get checked out at the ER. Can someone keep an eye on you overnight? This bears careful watching.

    And I HATE it that the dog won't use the toilet! lol So inconvenient!!

  2. I like it! Wonder what I can blame on the Super Bowl... broken water pipe at the son's house? I'll have to get creative.

  3. Hey!! Your rolling black outs in Texas caused us here in New Mexcio to loose our natural gas!!! Brrrrrr!

    Hope your head feels better.

  4. ouch!!!! . . . hope you feel better!

    Gotta feel really bad for the people who worked so hard to get the Super Bowl and how it will affect the festivities. I know that every time we have had the SB in Tampa, it was a definite surge for the local economy and tourism in general.

    Hope you have a great weekend . . . take it easy!


  5. We finally got mail delivery today, first time since Monday. Our trash was supposed to be picked up yesterday, but it's still sitting out at the curb.
    Snow or no snow, I'll be glad when the Superbowl is over with, I'm just tired of hearing about it!
    I hope you feel better, need some ice picks on the bottoms of our shoes!