Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 416

No mail again today. I don't think I can remember when we've gone an entire week without mail delivery. It's weird. I can get to the post office, but they can't seem to get to me. Whenever I go to the post office to pick up the mail, they say my mail is out on the truck and I'll have to come back later. Somehow I think I'll never see this week's mail again.

The dogs don't worry about where the mail is. They had a great time frolicking in the snow. There were new smells to investigate and lots of trails in the snow to follow. Dash seems to like the snow better than Dot. She was concerned about keeping her balance like I was, while Dash jumped around and generally tried to knock us all over.

Going out in the park with the dogs was fun. Going out on the roads with all the crazy Texas drivers was another matter entirely.

I think Dallas could win some kind of award for having the worst Winter drivers anywhere. The roads were still real icy today and there were cars in the ditch just about everywhere. Most of the roads were passable if you took your time and didn't put on your brakes too fast. When I went out today, I wasn't worried about the ice ahead of me. I was a lot more worried about the big pick up trucks behind me going 40 miles an hour as I was approaching a stop light. If everybody would have just kept moving slowly, I don't think there would have been many problems at all. Unfortunately, there was always someone who would try to get out of a slippery situation by pressing the accelerator to the floor, spinning sideways and blocking all the other traffic on the road. When this happened, everybody got stuck. When you are forced to stop on an icy hill, it can be pretty hard to get started again.

I'm just glad the furnace is still working and the house is warm. No real damage from the bump on the head yesterday either. I feel sorry for all the restaurants and small businesses around town who have been counting on the Superbowl to make up for what they've been losing in this bad economy. I heard that 300 flights were canceled at DFW airport today. Fans aren't just curtailing their Superbowl shopping and partying, some of them aren't even able to get here at all. They say it's going to be warmer tomorrow. Here's hoping the weatherman is right.

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  1. I remember the terrible "ice drivers" when storms would move through St. Louis. No doubt on par with your Dallas ones! The blizzard up here, that closed O'Hare, hasn't helped folks heading to the Superbowl...although I think our airport is almost back to normal. Kind of an awesome and huge weather event this week!

  2. John,
    I just started to access your blog and I love it. How do you keep the dialog going each day? Sounds like Dash and Dot are coping with the weather better than us humans!
    Since the bad weather has hit, I have received several wishes to come visit me. The offer is open to everyone, the coffee is on and we can watch the SuperBowl from the marina.

  3. Pretty crazy! It's interesting that the dogs took it in stride. Have they seen snow before? I love watching puppies discover snow for the first time. They are just hilarious.