Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 417

What a difference a day makes. Although the temperature was still in the teens when we woke up, it got up over fifty later in the day. Yesterday's ice and snow quickly turned to slush and mud. The roads weren't slippery at all. Apparently, nobody bothered to tell the post office or the sanitation department about the nicer weather. We still didn't get any mail delivery or garbage pickup today.

I drove down to the post office again this afternoon and was finally able to retrieve a small stack of mail. What I took home looked more like one day's worth of mail instead of an entire weeks worth. The postal clerk claimed that this was all they had though. If this is true, it would be the lightest week for mail we've had in many years. Usually, a week's worth of mail would fill a grocery bag. The pitiful little stack with a rubber band around it that I took home this afternoon couldn't possibly be everything.

I was quite pleased about the warmer weather until I started hearing a dripping sound in the living room during dinner. Yup. It was the roof leaking again. It was already dark, so I couldn't get up on the roof to see if I could remove the melting ice. I'll just have to get out some buckets tonight and wait until tomorrow. I even thought about getting the ice off the roof yesterday, but when I had difficulty getting it off the driveway, I thought the roof could wait a while. Ice is even worse on the roof than water, because there is no way of removing it in a hurry. When the ice starts to melt, it becomes a giant water reservoir, continually feeding new water to the leaky area. I need to wait until the ice turns slushy though to clean everything up. Falling off the roof would probably be a little worse than bumping my head on the driveway.

Emmie, one of our new Dalmatians, has already been adopted. Good for her! Now, we've just got to find homes for the rest of them.

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  1. I used to take care of two dalmatians when I was still a student, they're pretty big but very friendly and loving..

  2. Emmie looks shy- very tentative. Sorry about the roof, although I'm glad it's warming up for you a bit.