Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 420

Learning something new can often be slow and tedious. For me, tackling something I don't really understand usually involves searching fourteen different variations of "why won't this work?" on Google and seeing if I can glean anything useful from the poor fools who tried to learn the same thing ahead of me. Today I did a test run of my new WiFi photo transfer system and learned that it is basically useless. The WiFi card actually works fine and transfers files flawlessly to a nearby computer. The unexpected problem is that it is so darn slow that you could never use it in an environment where you are taking hundreds of images an hour. I guess I could have learned this ahead of time by reading all the discussions about this subject floating around on photography forums and user groups. That's not the way guys do things though. We typically buy something first and then figure out through trial and error if it is a piece of junk. At least I didn't destroy my camera. About thirty minutes after I put the card in the camera and started shooting, I found a long list of cameras on the Eye-Fi website, along with a warning that your camera could be ruined if you tried to insert the card. Luckily, my camera wasn't on the list.

I remembered today that I'd accidentally let one of my domain names expire. I wish I'd remembered this two months ago when it actually did expire. This was a domain that I had thought would be valuable to me at some point. Apparently, it's not all that valuable. Two and a half months after I let the domain expire, it was still available. Nobody wanted it. Chagrined, but unbeaten, I renewed the domain and made a mental note to keep better track of these things in the future.

It's supposed to start snowing again tonight sometime after midnight. I don't hate snow or anything, but all I can think about at the moment is that all the time and energy I spent cleaning the ice off the roof recently has totally gone to waste. If we get freezing rain followed by snow, as they're predicting, I'm going to be up on the roof later this week doing the whole cleanup process all over again.

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  1. That sounds like a pretty useless product! More snow and cold for us here. No big surprise.