Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 422

The lines between my real world and my virtual world are becoming increasingly blurred. I noticed today that the contact list in my cell phone now has Facebook profile pictures attached to most of the entries. I didn't put those pictures there. They just appeared. I guess I must have clicked some sort of button at some point that allowed this to happen, but I don't even remember. Everything is interconnected now. I don't think most of us are even aware of what is going on. When I go to the grocery store, I get coupons printed on my receipt for the same sort of items I just bought. I did my invoices for the month today and I noticed that a reminder about when each invoice was due was automatically added to my iCal calendar. All of these things are happening without any intervention on my part. I've automated my Twitter account so that appears like I'm Tweeting even when I'm not. Oddly, the synthetic Tweets seems to get more comments than the spontaneous real ones. I wonder where this is all going to lead. Maybe I'll get in my car someday and it will just start driving towards some place I happened to "Like" on Facebook.

I'm getting real tired of all this ice up on my roof. I had to get up there three times today to sweep off water that was accumulating from the melting ice. My plan seems to be working though. So far, no more water has leaked into the house. There may even be a hidden benefit to all this ice wrangling. Getting ice off the roof is pretty strenuous activity. I have a feeling that I may have lost a few pounds this week.

Good Morning Texas ran a segment this morning about the pet photo event we're doing this Sunday at the Foxy Paws store. The segment was really more about the store itself, but they did mention that the pet pictures were benefiting Dalmatian Rescue and showed a picture of Dot that I had taken. Dot is becoming quite the media diva. This is the second time she's been on TV. She was featured in our local newspaper last year as well.

I sure hope they pick up the trash tomorrow. Our neighborhood hasn't had trash pickup for two weeks now and it's really starting to pile up.

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  1. Celebrity Dot! Be sure to give her a dressing room, and pat her agent on the back. You can pat her on the head.

    I resent how intrusive the technology is. I don't want to be that social, thank you.