Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 426 - Valentine's Day

I got an assortment of pink muslin backdrops, support poles, tripods and sparkly cardboard hearts put back in the storage warehouse until we need them again for our next photo event. Since I was already out and about, I decided to stop by Sprinkles and pick up some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. The store would have been empty if it weren't for the hundreds of other men standing in line ahead of me, doing last minute Valentine's shopping just like I was. The line snaked halfway around the block and once you were inside the store, there was a whole new line of people waiting to get up to the counter to pick up their cupcakes. I picked out what I wanted when I got inside the store and by the time someone was ready to take my order, my cupcake picks were all gone. I don't know what the fascination is with these overpriced pastries, but I bet this store is making a huge profit. At any rate, I picked out some alternate flavors, including two little dog cupcakes for Dot and Dash and was on my way.

The mail was full of interesting surprises today. I got a little card swiping gizmo that lets me accept credit card payments with my iPhone. Does anyone actually want to use their credit card to pay me? Not that I know of. Hey, if anybody ever does get a strong desire to send me money with their credit card though, I'll be ready.

My latest website project passed another approval hurdle today. With any luck, we'll launch the site by the end of the week. This means it's about time to start looking for new business again. I've got to make a special effort to get out and mingle more this year. Just about everybody I know is a client now. That's not saying much though. I don't know that many people.

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  1. That is funny. I guess men will be men. I was in Walgreens Sunday trying to figure out what I was going to buy.

  2. Maybe I should switch to making overpriced cupcakes!