Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 437

It's tax time again. I spent a good chunk of the day putting tax documents in a ring binder for my accountant. This whole process used to be easy, but it seems to be getting harder every year. Almost every day an envelope comes in the mail with the words "Important Tax Return Document" printed on the outside. I don't know what half of these documents are or why I should be saving them. They all go in the ring binder though for my accountant to figure out. I used to buy a copy of TurboTax every year and do my taxes myself, but it has simply become too complicated. I like the flat tax idea proposed by Steve Forbes and many others. Everybody pays 17%. No loopholes or deductions. Just fill out one page and you're done. It will probably never happen though. Too many people like the loopholes and deductions.

When I was up on the roof sweeping away the water this morning, I noticed signs that a rather large animal has been up there recently. Either we've got a giant Possum in our yard or one of the neighbor's dogs has learned to climb trees. I don't even know how an animal larger than a cat or a squirrel could get up on the roof, but something's been up there. I'm on critter watch now.

I stopped by and got some more ink for the Epson 4000 on my way to the grocery store this afternoon and was surprised to discover that the printer store guys were reading my blog. It still startles me when people in my everyday life know what I've been doing every day, but I guess I ought to get used to it. I've been writing this thing for quite a while now. I like going to the printer store. It's a place where I can talk about cars and archival printing and what's on the horizon for my business. Mostly we just talk about cars though. There used to be tons of stores like this where guys could go to hang out and waste time talking about their favorite things. Most of these places have disappeared. I think the printer store will be around for a while though. I keep them in business buying ink.

I got an e-mail from one of my animal rescue friends today saying that she was canceling her LinkedIn account because an invitation to connect with her inadvertently got sent out to everyone in her address book. Is this even something to get upset about? Jeez, I think I send out blanket invitations of one sort or another just about every week.

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  1. I too, usually do a double-take when someone mentions something I wrote. My newspaper column is quite popular locally, but I still react when someone says something like "How's your Cold Brain today?" (My last column was titled "Ramblings of a Cold Brain")