Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 440

I didn't sleep well last night. Dash woke me up twice with a cacophony of barking and growling that was very uncharacteristic of him. Dot is the self designated protector of the house and when she gets alarmed, she'll bark at the sound of a pin dropping. Dot was asleep though. It was Dash who was making all the noise. I got up and looked around, but nothing seemed amiss. There certainly weren't any strange noises. The second time Dash woke me up, I finally noticed what was causing all the commotion. There was a rather large armadillo walking around on our back porch. Armadillos aren't very noisy critters, so I wonder what caught Dash's attention. Maybe he smelled it. He did start barking before he even went to the window. I don't even know how the armadillo got in our yard. The yard is fenced and armadillos don't really seem like climbing creatures. Dot didn't even get out of bed during the whole episode. I guess as long as it's not a garbage truck or a furnace repairman, she doesn't care.

I got a call reminding me of Dash's vet appointment, so I put him in the car and headed over to the vet. When I was halfway there, it dawned on me that the call was reminding me about an appointment on Tuesday. Today was Monday. We drove straight past the vet and came home again. Hopefully I'll remember that tomorrow is Tuesday.

After the aborted vet appointment, I took all the boxes back to the storage warehouse that I had filled up yesterday. This is going to take a little longer than I initially thought. I've got one shelf finished now. Only twenty five left to go.

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. All I've got to show for today efforts are 200 gallons of water that I swept off the roof and a bunch of boxes that got moved from one part of town to another.

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  1. I have never seen a live armadillo up close. You have those, we have opossums- sort of like living in prehistory for a moment. They both do come in forms other than dead on the road, but difficult to find. See