Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 476

The stock market continues to puzzle me. I talked to my broker today and he thinks it's time to sell a few positions and lock in some of my recent gains. This certainly sounds reasonable if it weren't for the fact that every time I've done this in the past, the market has gone even higher. I certainly believe that old adage bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered. Nevertheless, anyone who has been too cautious during the past several years has seen their portfolio go nowhere. Historically, when I did well personally, the market also did well. This is no longer true. In fact, there now seems to be a complete disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. All around me, I see homes in foreclosure, small businesses struggling and retail prices skyrocketing. At the same time the market continues to stay surprisingly strong. I just don't know anymore. The market may still be the best chance I've got at economic independence. On the other hand, stocks could just be the bubble that hasn't burst yet.

I took Dash to the vet today for his bi-weekly antigen shot. When the nurse took his blood pressure I noticed that the monitor was a high-tech marvel with all kinds of red and green flashing lights. When the nurse takes my own blood pressure, they still use an old fashioned inflatable cuff that probably hasn't changed in design for over fifty years. The vets are the first to get all the new toys these days. My veterinary clients had the new digital x-ray machines over five years ago and my own physicians are just starting to get these things. I have a feeling that going to vet school might be a lot better long-term investment than buying stocks.

My oil and gas annual report is back on the front burner again. On the other hand, the big oil and gas social media project I'm bidding on is still in limbo. The only sure thing these days are employee photos. I'm always taking employee photos. Got another photo shoot lined up for this Friday.

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  1. The market is a mystery. I like today's dog... mixed breed?