Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 489

I'm making progress. I got two big website projects finished today, which brings me more or less up-to-date with everyone. With the help of my client, I also got a hotel room in Houston reasonably close to Reliant Park where the Offshore Technology Conference takes place. Now, I need to figure out whether I'm supposed to provide my own Internet hotspot, or if there will already be adequate bandwidth available for video uploads at the conference. Oh, I've got to make airline reservations too. I can't forget that.

It was kind of weird to be making arrangements with corporate types as I was washing dog pee out of the painted backdrop I used at yesterday's Easter pet photo event. That's my life though. The corporate jobs pay my bills. And the dog pee keeps me humble.

The house looks a lot better now that all the bulky photo gear has been carted off to the storage warehouse again. I think next on the agenda is to get a decent night's sleep. The dog's woke me up three or four times last night because they never could decide which side of the bed they wanted to sleep on. Once again, it was a car crash in the middle of the night that woke the dogs up. This wreck must not have been a bad one though. I thought I heard a horn blaring for a while, and a bit later the sounds of a wrecker towing a car away, but that was it. This morning, when I looked out in the front yard, there were no signs that anything had happened. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

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  1. Multiple dogs in the bed! I remember those days. One always felt well-cuddled at least.