Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 491

I can't believe it. I was doing some online research today to familiarize myself with the conference I'm supposed to cover this May and I came across a small little paragraph at the bottom of one of the websites I was reading that said "Photography and video/audio recording of any kind are strictly prohibited in the sessions and throughout the exhibition area." What? Photography and video recording are what I have been hired to do! I quickly called one of my contacts in Houston to find out what was going on. They thanked me for pointing out this alarming little tidbit of information and said they knew nothing about it. This isn't a good sign!

It also wasn't a good sign that my Apple stock reached a new high today several days after I sold it. My broker convinced me to sell the shares based on the Nasdaq 100 rebalancing that takes place on May 2. It seemed logical that the stock should go down if its weight in the Nasdaq index decreases from 20% to 12%. Unfortunately, nothing is entirely logical about the market these days. I think that nobody even buys and sell stock anymore except for short-term traders who are trying to game the system. It's really frustrating.

Dash seemed a little frustrated at training class tonight. Dot is still recovering from her injury and Dash had to go to class alone. This may have been the only time he's ever been to class without Dot, and he seemed nervous. He actually did all the training exercises pretty well, but he was definitely glad to be home again after class was over. Both dogs are more comfortable when the entire family is together.

I'll be a little more comfortable when I find out whether my client is able to resolve the no photography issue at the Houston oil and gas conference. I'd really hate to see the job canceled at this point, especially after I've already had to go out and buy equipment to cover the event.

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  1. Wow- hopefully the notice means no unofficial photography. But wouldn't it have been something if you had arrived there and then found out it was not allowed. Yikes.