Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 518

I shot some footage at a dentist's office today for a television commercial I'm putting together about Lumineers. It was pretty amazing to watch how the dentist was able to totally transform a guy who had severely damaged his front teeth in a sports injury into someone with a picture perfect smile in less than an hour. I still don't like going to the dentist, but I'll have to admit I was quite impressed.

I was also quite impressed with my little HD video camera. Making the video was almost effortless, compared to dragging 100 pounds of heavy Beta-SP equipment around with me like I used to do. One of the cool things about this little camera is that I can make complicated camera moves that look just like the camera is attached to a boom arm or jib, just by holding it in my hand and raising my arm. The camera is so small and light that it is very easy to keep the shot steady.

When I finished doing the video shoot, I took Dash to the vet for his bi-weekly antigen shot. As I waited in the lobby, I couldn't help thinking that after a very complicated dental procedure, the dentist I had just visited was right on time for his next appointment. Veterinarians are never right on time for their next appointment. It doesn't matter which vet you go to either. You're always going to sit in the lobby for about thirty minutes.

As busy as my day was today , I actually welcomed my thirty minutes of doing absolutely nothing. It was really the only rest I got all day. When Dash and I got back home, it was right back to website design and writing about watches. Even though I'm still a bit tired, I'm happy that business had picked up this year. I'm slowly but surely getting more efficient about handling the increasing work load. If things continue at this frantic pace. Dot won't be able to manage the office anymore. She might need an assistant.

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  1. Har, har- Maggie is right here in the corner, managing my office this morning. Good teeth really can transform a person's life. I know it's considered cosmetic, but it's so very real.

  2. Glad to hear business is good. That is always a good sign.