Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 599

Early this morning, we went and set up the gaming tables for this evening's Dalmatian Rescue Casino Party. A political action committee is hiring us to do the party this time. I wish more PAC's would hire us. Politicians have a lot more money for these type of things than people planning a 40th birthday party for their husband. We don't turn many people down, however. The dogs waiting for homes still need food and medical care, even when adoptions are slow.

I saw an ad on television saying that new episodes of Dr. Who are coming back later this month. That's good news. With an endless string of 100 degree days and an economic meltdown on the horizon, a little escape is probably good medicine. I could watch Dr. Who, Top Gear, MI-5 and Fawlty Towers over and over again. I probably already have watched some of these shows over and over again. British television is just better. I think the last American show I really liked was Frasier, but I continue to enjoy newer offerings from the UK, like Outnumbered and After You've Gone.

No TV tonight though. I'll be spinning the roulette wheel, like I normally do at Dalmatian Rescue parties. I've watched dealers in Vegas and this seems like it would be a very stressful job. Being a dealer for charity parties is much more relaxed. Most of our players seem to be little kids who have no idea what they are doing. A little pretend gambling with Monopoly money still seems pretty exotic to them.

I wonder how far the dogs are going to want to walk this evening. Probably not far at all. Both dogs are getting pretty smart about dealing with the heat. They used to keep walking until they got too hot and then just sat down and refused to go further. Now, they are learning to drink from water fountains and are turning around to head home again before the heat gets to them. Our walks are shorter, but the return journey is much less traumatic.

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  1. Well- I'm off to hike and conference in Ohio... probably not much blog reading time for a week. Try to stay cool and be good. hahahahaha