Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 682

I woke up sleepy after watching all eleven innings of the Rangers game last night. It's hard to believe that the Rangers came within one strike of winning the World Series twice in that game and still managed to lose. I guess I do understand though. It seems like I've been one strike away from success quite a few times in my life.

I'm glad it's Friday. It's been a tiring week, and today was no exception. After finishing the required October article for the writer's group I participate in, completing another watch article, dealing with a few web problems and walking the dogs, all I had time to do was sweep the standing water from last night's rains off the roof. Where did all the fun go. Lately, I just feel like one of those Hamsters spinning on a wheel in their cage.

I'll have to admit that this evening was fun though. We took the dogs for their long promised dinner at Cafe Lago. The dogs absolutely love this place and we think the food is pretty good ourselves. The unique thing about Cafe Lago is that the head chef for the restaurant cooks the dog's menu as well. The doggie items on the menu are absolutely delicious and completely safe for dogs to eat. Dot had the meatloaf tonight and Dash had the roasted chicken. I couldn't resist ordering my favorite Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwich again. I've never been to Cuba, but I can't imagine that this sandwich would taste any better in Havana.

I noticed today that Thomas Hawk had given a +1 to one of the photographs I posted on my Google page. That almost made up for the dismal decline in my Klout score the other day. I try not to take the daily ebb and flow of the social media world too seriously, but it can be hard to ignore if your job is basically staring at a computer all day. I'd kind of like to believe that all the time I spend online actually means something, but it probably doesn't.

I took a quick peek at the game on the TV in the other room. The Rangers are behind 3 to 2 in the fifth inning. If the game is anything like last night's, the night is still young.

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  1. Sorry about the Rangers... (not) :-)
    Since you brought it up I check my Klout. I'm at 37. Since I don't do nearly as much on the various social sites as you, I'm thinking that number doesn't mean much.

  2. @sharkbytes - The big change in the new Klout algorithm is that they decided to actually "influence" someone in the social media universe, you needed to have a two way conversation with them. All the authors, marketers, and SEO experts who used Twitter to promote their wares to a large audience got lower Klout scores as a result, mostly because the communication was largely one way. Your Klout score is higher than mine, and even Larry Brauner's now, because you leave a lot of comments and that counts as two way communication to Klout. I know unemployed people who spend all day on Facebook who have huge Klout scores now. I also know best selling authors who have no Klout at all. Go figure.

    Basically, my score is lower than yours because I never bother to answer comments. :) Maybe this will help...