Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 686

The days are getting visibly shorter. I wish this meant something philosophically, but I think it just means I will be walking the dogs in the dark soon. I'm not looking forward to Winter. I don't mind the cold, because I have lots of warm jackets. I do mind the darkness though. Darkness usually makes me feel even more melancholy than usual.

The new muslin backdrop for the Dalmatian Rescue Christmas photos arrived today. We must have a new FedEx delivery guy in the neighborhood, because for the past few weeks I've been playing a game of "find the package" every time a shipment arrives. Today's parcel was left at the side of the house, instead of near the front door where the regular Fedex guy leaves things. I probably never would have found the box if I hadn't stumbled over it while taking the dogs on their evening walk. Front door next time guys!

In hopes that their inventory might have improved, I went to Home Depot this afternoon looking for a new utility pump for the roof. They still had the same inferior pumps they had last year. The service guy working the plumbing aisle confirmed that these pumps were junk, and then told that he once owned a real good pump himself. He said it was blue and made of metal, unlike the plastic pumps on the shelves. I asked where I could get this pump, because this was exactly what I wanted. I had one like this myself once. It was made in the USA and it lasted ten years. The company that made it probably doesn't even exist anymore.

Last week I got a frantic note asking me to add some information to a client's website. Oops! Somehow, I never got around to this task. This morning I got an equally frantic note asking me to take the information down again. Wow! That was an easy job. I just sent a quick e-mail that said "done." Sometimes procrastination works in your favor.

Did I tell you that I was disgusted with the stock market? Oh that's right, I did that yesterday.

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  1. Keeping clients happy is a test. Two years ago I set up a small site for a non-profit... explained that I don't do database driven sites, explained what that was, met with their board. They were happy. Now they want a db site (a simple one... I think I can do it), but are surprised that it's going to cost them more than $10.