Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 691

Most of the clocks in the house have been dutifully set back an hour, but I certainly don't feel like I've gained an hour today. Since we slept in a bit later than usual this morning, our extra hour was gone before we even got up. The time might have changed, but nothing else did. After breakfast, we took the Dot and Dash up to Wagging Tail Dog Park and on the way home we stopped by Vhea's LaundroMutt and gave them a bath. We don't give the dogs a bath every Sunday; just when we realize that they've started smelling like dogs again.

I mowed the grass for what is hopefully the last time this season. The yard will soon be covered with leaves and the lawn mower will be returned to the greenhouse again, where it generally serves as a Winter home for wayward rats.

In between chores, I started reading the owner's manual for the new AG-AF100 camera. Jeez, this thing is complicated. It supports both NTSC and PAL. You can shoot in 60i, 24p, 50i, 30p, plus a few other formats I'd never even heard of. There are so many options that the instruction manuel is an inch thick. All I basically learned today was how to set the day/date clock.

I got an e-mail from Design Within Reach this weekend, telling me that they were putting all their Sonno mattresses and bedding on sale. 15% off on everything! You'd think they could have told us this when we bought our mattress a few weeks ago. All they would have to have said was "hey, just wait a few weeks and you'll save some money." Few salespeople will do that though. They're all afraid that you'll change your mind and not buy anything.

The dogs certainly haven't changed their mind about the neighbor's cat. The cat jumped out right in front of us on the way home from our evening walk today and Dot and Dash just about pulled my arms out of their sockets trying to get at it. I'm pretty sure that these dogs are the source of all my shoulder and neck problems. You can't really blame them though. They're just acting like normal dogs.

Spot is today's Dalmatian of the Day

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  1. I don't mind that the dog smells like a dog unless it rolls in dead fish or something. A basic dog scent is a pleasant sensation to me.

    Oh! My dear, long-gone Chips' full name was
    Hoover Houdini Chips (the Hoover for the very same reason as Spot)

  2. I also love dogs... We have four actually and I also blog about them! Nice post you have here :) Dogs are just not best-friends but family member!

    Lette's Haven