Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 439

When we got up to the dog park this afternoon, we were surprised to see four police cars in the parking lot. Just before we arrived, several cars had been broken into and purses and personal items had been stolen. This was in broad daylight when the park was open. There must have been fifty people nearby, but this didn't seem to deter the thieves in the least. They smashed the side windows, grabbed what they wanted and were gone in less than two minutes. It's sad that this kind of thing is becoming so commonplace in Dallas. Nobody in the park even seemed alarmed. Ironically, there must have been ten German Shepards in the park when the robberies occurred, but they were apparently too busy playing to go after the robbers.

On a brighter note, it seemed more like April than February outside today. I've noticed that the Dogwood trees are already starting to bloom. There were several pretty Dogwood trees in the park that were in full flower. Hopefully, it won't freeze again. That's what usually happens here in Dallas. Everything starts to bloom and then there is one final freeze that nips all this early growth in the bud.

I packed the boxes I brought home yesterday with an assortment of scale models and piled them up to take back to the storage warehouse again. Why I ever collected so many die-cast models of construction equipment in the first place is a mystery to me. I have little interest in the models anymore. If I can ever got rid of this stuff, maybe I'll tackle the autographed footballs next.

Janet kept telling all this trivia about the Oscar nominees as we watched the famous folks walk down the red carpet during dinner. How does she know all this stuff about these people? I didn't even recognize many of them. For the second year in a row, I haven't seen any of the films nominated for best picture. I think I'm doing better than I was last year though. At least this year, I was planning on seeing two of the films. Never got around to it though. That's why DVD's are so nice. Eventually, when most people have already forgotten about them, I probably will make a point of seeing The Social Network and The King's Speech.

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