Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 449

So, I get this e-mail this morning and there is a PDF file attached. I open the file and it looks like someone has printed out every single page of their website on the office printer and then written the changes and corrections they wanted on each of these pages with a ball point pen. After doing all this, they have converted all the printed pages back into a PDF file and sent the whole thing to me. Somehow, this sums up modern technology to me. People using every tool at their disposal to duplicate the way they used to do things before there were computers around to speed things up. I get hand written PDF files all the time. It seems like there are many easier ways of doing things, but what do I know. People's innate desire to make mountains out of molehills has kept me in business for a long time.

The BBC channel has been playing old Dr. Who reruns in the mornings, so I've been watching season one again with Christopher Eccleston and Billy Piper. These two seem to have kept busy after their stint on Dr. Who was finished, but I wonder what has happened to a lot of other Sci-Fi stars. Whatever happened to Xenia Seeberg? Haven't heard much from Michael McManus, Gigi Edgley or Claudia Black either. I guess you could find all these guys at Comic-Con conventions, but they certainly aren't as well known as the Kardashians or Jennifer Aniston. I always liked big budget TV Sci-Fi shows like Lexx, Farscape and Babylon 5. It's all gone now, along with most of the real space program. When the Discovery landed today for the last time, I wonder how many people remembered that this sturdy ship took the Hubble Space Telescope into space, or that it launched John Glenn back into orbit at 77 years of age. Maybe I like science fiction because I don't see many grand adventures in real life anymore. Humans are explorers. We should be going to Mars, not squabbling endlessly over where all the jobs went or how much social security we're going to get someday.

Without a moon landing to look forward to, I find my pleasure in simpler things these days. The dogs learned to jump over obstacles tonight at training class. Dot is a beautiful jumper. She sailed over the three foot jumps almost effortlessly. Dash wasn't so sure about this new task. He made it over the jump once, but most of the time he went around. I understand this attitude. I tend to avoid obstacles in life myself whenever I can.

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