Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 453

I didn't let the time change get the best of me this morning. I had Dot and Dash fed, walked and was up at K-9 University to meet the other volunteers right on schedule. It didn't take us long to take care of the dogs today. We've done so well this year at finding homes for our Dalmatians that there are currently very few dogs in the program. In animal rescue, it's a good thing not to be overwhelmed with abandoned animals. It means that somebody is finally getting the message. I still remember the days when the Disney movies were popular and everybody in town wanted a Dalmatian. At that time, we often had 25 to 30 dogs in our program at one time. It's much better now that Dalmatians aren't quite so popular.

After I got finished at K-9 University and stopped by the grocery store to get some more maple syrup for next week, my friend Travis came over to the house so I could take some picture of him with Dot and Dash. Some of Travis's friends have nominated him for One Man Dallas and he needed the pictures for his entry. One Man Dallas is supposed to be a competition that selects the best man in Dallas, based on community involvement, personality, intelligence and fitness. Travis keeps telling me that this is a civic achievement award, but it sure seems like a beauty pageant to me. At any rate, if my friend makes it to the finals, I may be asking you guys to vote for him. I think the winner is picked from the top five finalists by an online vote. It's kinda like American Idol, except I don't think there is any singing involved. If Travis wins, Dalmatian Rescue, which happens to be his charity, will get to keep half of the $5000 prize money. I'm not exactly sure what Travis gets himself if he wins, but I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up a few more girlfriends out of the deal.

I had pizza for dinner tonight. It's not the healthiest thing in the workd, but it sure is good. It's a good thing that Janet is never gone too long when she travels. It would probably only take a couple of weeks for me to revert to eating bacon every day.

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