Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 473

A loud noise woke us up about 3 AM this morning. Even though I was still half asleep, I immediately knew what the noise was. Another drunk had lost control of his car after the bars closed and had driven through someone's front yard. The noise sounded a bit distant, so I thought it was someone else's yard this time. This morning when I looked outside, it became apparent that the car actually did hit the curb in front of our house. The car apparently bounced over our yard, landed in the neighbor's yard, and then bounced back out to the street again, when it skidded another 100 yards and came to rest near the stop light at the end of the street. This is just a guess, of course, but it is definitely what the skid marks and gouges left in the grass say happened. Believe it of not, this is the six or seventh time something like this has occurred. We live at the top of a hill and the street turns to the left a bit when it reaches our house. I guess if you're drunk enough, you just keep going straight. If drunk driving accidents reoccur so predictably in one particular neighborhood, you have to wonder how many wrecks there are citywide on an average Friday night. I bet there are hundreds in a city this size. No wonder there are so many tow truck companies in town.

Janet and I went to a party tonight. This was another charity fundraiser. I think this event was raising money for school scholarships instead of for dogs, but unless someone told you, it would be hard to tell the difference. There is always a meal, a silent auction, and usually some type of entertainment. Dalmatian Rescue does these type of things too. In fact, the entertainment portion of the evening was exactly the same as many Dalmatian Rescue events: an after dinner casino night. I'm always curious to see how the roulette table is run at these events, because Janet and I are the roulette dealers for Dalmatian Rescue. I think we are more professional than a lot of charity dealers, but there are still some groups that make us look like country hicks. Roulette is an easy game. You just have to remember the payout odds and get the chips off the table fairly quickly after each round of play. I'd much rather be the roulette dealer than run the craps table. Whenever I look over at the craps table, it looks like total chaos. People do seem to have a lot of fun playing craps though. Roulette players are much more sedate. The roulette table was certainly sedate tonight. For much of the evening, Janet and I were the only players. Too bad we were playing with monopoly money. Janet had a good night. At one point she was up over $25,000. It wasn't real money though. At the end of the night, we dumped our winnings in a pot for some sort of raffle and went home.

I took the posters for our Easter pet photo weekend up to City Vet today so they can begin promoting the event. I ended up using the same picture of Dot wearing bunny ears that I used for last year's poster. Hey, it was a cute picture and I know Dot would much rather have me reuse the photo than spend an afternoon dressing her up like an Easter bunny. From her point of view, Dalmatians were meant to chase rabbits, not dress like them.

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