Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 486

I had to check my calendar today to make sure it wasn't National Website Problem Day. Everyone had a problem today. Some of the problems were small and insignificant, while others were so large that I felt like throwing my hands in the air and walking away. The trouble with website work is that although it doesn't pay very well, it is still very time consuming. I need to figure out a way to revive my video production business. In retrospect, that was a much better way to make a living. Unfortunately, video production work doesn't pay as well as it used to either. Once people discovered that they could buy one of those little inexpensive Flip cameras and do everything themselves, the whole process of putting corporate videos on the web changed dramatically.

Someone mentioned to me today that we are doing our Easter pet pictures tomorrow right in the middle of the largest Jewish community in Dallas. Maybe if we made little Yarmulkes for the dogs. I don't know. Hopefully, people will still come and have their dog's picture made even if they don't celebrate Easter.

I didn't really feel like celebrating much of anything today. I'm just tired. The day started with sweeping tons of water off the roof from last's night's big thunderstorm and it hasn't ended yet. All the website problems I had to deal with today slowed me down quite a bit. Yesterday, all I thought I'd be doing today was taking some employee pictures at one of my client's offices. I did get the pictures taken this afternoon, but I still haven't found time to get them up on the website yet.

As soon as I publish today's blog post, I've got to start packing up all my gear for tomorrow's pet picture event. I need to be at the store to set up at 9 AM. That means I'm going to have to start drinking a lot of coffee at 6 AM. Wish me luck.

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