Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 487

Our Easter pet picture event started out kind of slow this morning, but picked up as the day progressed. This is typical of a new location. People don't know what to expect. Everyone was very happy with their pictures today and asked when we were coming back again. This is always a good sign. Hopefully, the next time we come back for holiday pet pictures, today's customers will have told their friends and we'll have a larger crowd.

It was a good day for Dalmatian Rescue. We made some new friends at the photo event, but more importantly, Pringles got adopted today. We also rescued a new dog named Becker from the Tri-Cities animal shelter. Becker is a handsome, young liver spotted Dalmatian and he's today's Dalmatian of the Day.

We're going back for a second day of pictures at the City Vet location tomorrow, so I didn't have to lug all my equipment home tonight. With the set already in place, tomorrow's shoot will be easier.

There were a few minor casualties today, but nothing major. Two dogs peed on the backdrop, so I'm going to have to take it to one of those giant commercial washers when this is over and clean it up again. Another memory card got fried again too. I've got to figure out what is causing these CompactFlash cards to go bad. They've come down in price a lot, but they're still too expensive to lose one every time I do one of these events.

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