Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 495 - Easter

I got bit by a bear today. Bear is my neighbor's dog and he doesn't seem to like me. Ironically, the only reason I got bit was that Janet noticed two large Mastiff dogs who were running loose in the park while she was walking Dot and Dash and called me on her cell phone to come see if they were dangerous. While I was walking down to the lake to look for the loose dogs, I ran into my neighbor, who was returning home with his dogs. The neighbor dogs were on a leash and with their owner, but I got bit anyway. It wasn't a bad bite, but it certainly wasn't the best way to start off Easter Sunday.

When we took Dot and Dash to the Wagging Tail Dog Park later in the day, we saw two blind people get off a Handi-Ride bus and bring their service dogs to the dog park. When the couple took the special harnesses off the service dogs and replaced them with regular dog leashes, the two dogs immediately started acting like all the other dogs. They sniffed in the bushes, tugged on the leashes and I was afraid they might run off and leave the blind people. They never did though. I have to admire the couple for giving their service dogs a chance to act like regular dogs for a little while. I don't know where they found the nerve to do this however. All the dogs at the dog park were nice today, but some days they can get pretty rowdy.

When we got home from the dog park, I worked on a practice video, using the laptop editing software I'll be using in Houston. I thought the little video exercise would be a piece of cake, but I discovered all sorts of potential problems instead. Uploads took longer than I though. Putting together a decent music track from the small library of stock music clips I loaded on the laptop took longer than I thought too. I might have to travel with a much larger music library. At least adding graphics and logos worked as planned. I though I'd be able to get the whole segment cut and encoded in less than an hour, but it took me twice as long. I'll repeat the exercise tomorrow and see if I can come up with a smoother way of doing things.

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