Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 501

Focus. Focus. Focus. I've really got to focus on the important things. I went back and forth all day between chores like learning how to export Photoshop files with the correct type of alpha channel and figuring how to attach an external microphone to my iPhone to deciding what kind of shoes to wear on my trip. Probably the shoes are really the important thing. All my comfortable shoes look like shit because I walk dogs in them day after day. All my good looking shoes hurt my feet, since I hardly ever wear them. I can't really wear an old pair of hiking boots with a good suit. I still haven't decided what to do, since I'll be on my feet all day at the booth and I'll also probably have to dress up like the rest of my client's team.

After running around town again this morning, I finally have the Plan B that I need for the video shoot. I'm always nervous having just one camera. I've been looking for a way to use my iPhone as a backup video camera. The little phone takes some great looking HD video, but the sound has always been a problem. After visiting the Apple Store, Radio Shack and Fry's Electronics, I finally was able to assemble the right selection of cables and adapters that let me patch a good quality professional microphone straight into the iPhone headphone socket. Amazingly, the Rube Goldberg contraption works great. I made a quick little test video while I was eating lunch and was really pleased at the sound quality. The main Plan A camera has even better sound, so I'm feeling pretty good about the video part of my assignment now. Ironically, using a small unobtrusive camera requires a huge tangle of cables and adapters that almost defeats the whole purpose of taking the little camera in the first place. Too bad they aren't just hiring me to take pretty pictures. It's the audio side of things that's starting to weigh me down. I finally got everything to fit in the PortaBrace bag though, so it's on to other things now.

Janet and I still need to go and be roulette dealers later this evening at the Dalmatian Rescue casino party. I'm hoping to get my suitcase packed before we go. If I wait till after we get home to pack, I'm going to be so tired that I'll just start throwing things in the suitcase and wind up in Houston with two left shoes and no underwear.

It's starting to rain again too. This wasn't part of the plan. I hate leaving rainwater on the roof all week because there's sure to be a leak in the living room when I return. You can't stop the rain though. I'm just glad we aren't having tornadoes here in Dallas like they are in other parts of the country.

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