Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 504

Things went a little smoother today. I actually managed to finish two videos. This is twice as many as I completed yesterday, but still nowhere near the four or five videos a day I had originally planned. The first video was about floating oil production facilities. Have any of you even heard the term FPSO before? I hadn't either until a few weeks ago. People are spending billions of dollars on these huge ships though. I imagine the model in front of the booth is pretty expensive too.

The second video was of the Flash Mob singing in front of the booth. This one actually sounded pretty good, because all the singers wore wireless mics and the sound system was so loud it overpowered the crowd noise. Every day I send these videos off to Germany to get approved, but I don't know what happens to them after that. To the best of my knowledge, none of them are running on YouTube yet.

I'm not having much success with my blog posts either. The energy blog I'm sending my articles to keeps writing back and telling me that I'm being too technical. The editor wants me to write like an "ordinary person" instead of writing like an energy professional. Weird! I am an ordinary person! I write about dogs. I couldn't be overly technical if I tried, since I don't really understand half the technology anyway. I think most of you would probably agree that I write in a conversational, easy to read style. Well, apparently I'm still too technical for the editor of this blog.

All this being said, I'd still consider the day a success. Hey, they fed me lunch today and I discovered where the bathrooms are. That's progress to me. A few tips for anyone who is ever planning on doing something like this. Bring a pair of scissors with you. I've never seen so many things in shrink wrap packaging that are impossible to open without scissors or a knife. I'd go buy a super light carbon fiber tripod too. My tripod has turned out to be the heaviest thing I've had to lug around all day. My little personal 4G hotspot has turned out to be a great investment. You wouldn't believe how slow a trade show's WiFi network can become when 20,000 people are trying to check their e-mail at the same time.

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