Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 514

Well, Blogger is finally back. That was something I wasn't expecting. I've had the web server where I host my company site go down once or twice, but it was always back up again in a matter of hours. I think Blogger was down over 30 hours. This must have been something really serious. I wonder if we'll ever know what really happened. I don't think we'll find out much from the Blogger team. They've kind of circled the wagons and are very keeping tight lipped about this one.

One thing I learned yesterday was how important it is to back everything up locally. Even though my Wednesday and Thursday posts just disappeared on Blogger, I had a pretty easy time reconstructing things. I retrieved the text for the lost posts from my XML backup and the photos from a file I keep locally on my hard drive. I think everything is the same now, except for a few comments I lost.

I'm really glad it's Friday, even if it does happen to be Friday the 13. This has been a very hard week. I still don't think I've caught up completely from my week away from the office. I'm getting back into a nice regular rhythm now though. I do my watch blog articles for Larry Brauner right after walking the dogs and eating breakfast. Then I answer my e-mail and deal with the current crisis of the moment. Afternoons are usually reserved for website design, unless I am paying bills like I was today.

I like being busy. Not too busy though. That's the hard part...keeping everything in balance. I definitely need to mow the grass and work on the yard a bit this weekend. We've had so much rain lately that everything is growing like crazy. The yard is green, but very unruly. I need to get up on the roof again and get rid of the standing water as well. I'm kind of scared to go up on the roof these days, since I was stung repeatedly by a swarm of bees the last time I ventured up there. Luckily, the weekend isn't all work and no play. Dalmatian Rescue is having an adoption event at a local winery this weekend and we're taking Dot and Dash. Since we're taking Dash, the trip to the winery might end up being work after all. He's getting a lot better about traveling in the car though. One can only hope.

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