Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 527

I had to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles today to renew my drivers license. I try to do this over the Internet whenever possible, but this time they wanted a new picture. As you might expect, the picture they took was horrendous. I think the DMV has perfected the art of taking a bad picture. One problem is that they never actually take the picture when you expect they will. You smile, and wait for the flash to go off, and then you continue to wait and wait and wait. When you think they have totally forgotten about you and get that weird "what's wrong with this camera" look on your face, well that's when they always take the picture.

When I stand in a long line at a concert or sporting event, I usually feel like I am among friends. When I stand in a long line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, it's another story entirely. It's just as depressing to stand in the DMV line as it is to sit in the jury pool room. I don't think anyone in line with me today possessed any useful skills whatsoever. If this was a representative sample of what America has to offer, we're hosed. All of these people wanted to drive a car, but half of them came to the building with no documentation whatsoever and quite a few couldn't even speak English. At any rate, after a considerable wait, I got my new license and hopefully I won't need to return to this building again for a long time.

There are a lot fewer bees on the side of the house today than there were yesterday. I'm still not certain who won the first battle, however. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that I had quite a few more bee stings than I initially thought I had. Why do bee stings hurt more on the second or third day than they do when you get stung? I hate these bees. Eventually they'll be gone, but they sure are tenacious little critters.

You'd think with all the writing I've been doing lately that I'd be faster, or better, or make fewer spelling errors. Nothing has changed though. I still make the same dumb mistakes. I'm just a little more tired when I make them.

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