Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 531 - Memorial Day

Holidays aren't a good time for dogs to go stray. We found out yesterday that there is a Dalmatian at the City of Garland animal shelter, but it was a bit complicated to figure out how to pick him up before his time expires. We always try to get these dogs as quickly as we can, because the shelters put them down quickly too. A lot of time you only have a 72 hour window of time to save the dog. At any rate, the shelter was closed today for the Memorial Day holiday. The vets where we take the rescue dogs were closed as well. Even if we could find a vet who would give the dog its shots, all the boarding kennels were full for the holidays as well.

Janet and Pat sent out lots of e-mails and finally managed to contact someone who could get directly in touch with the shelter. The dog was tagged for rescue and I will go to the shelter as soon as it opens tomorrow morning to pick him up. Hopefully this will be a healthy dog who doesn't have heartworms or Ehrlichia, but you never know until the vet looks him over.

I installed the printer drivers in my new printer today and tried to get it up and running. Easier said than done. These printers are meant to connect to your network using a Cat-5 Ethernet cable. I don't use a wired office network anymore though and the printer is located too far away from the computer to connect it using USB. I went to Fry's and bought a wireless print server. I couldn't get it to work though, because the installation CD was only for Windows computers. Never mind that it said right on the box that the thing was compatible with Macintosh. Who knows. Maybe the print server will work with my Mac. I don't think it is going to be easy though. When I went on the web and looked up a list of compatible printers for my little print server, the results came back in Japanese.

My back hasn't gotten any better. When I went to Fry's this afternoon, I shuffled around like an old man pushing a walker. I probably need to go to the doctor tomorrow. I don't know if that's going to prove anything however. The last time this happened, my doctor just gave me a list of exercises to do to build up my lower back muscles. I forget why he wouldn't give me meds, but I think the logic was that I needed to feel the pain so I wouldn't go do something else stupid and make the problem even worse.

Tomorrow it's back to work. It's not like I actually stopped working or anything. It's just a figure of speech.

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