Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 541

Janet had dental surgery again today, so I started the morning by driving her to the dentist. I've got plenty of things wrong with me, but at least I've got good teeth. I would dread going to the dentist as much as Janet has over the years. Even the little dental video I shot last month made me cringe. All that being said, I actually have been to the dentist this year. That's a lot more than I could say for some of the previous years.

The beekeepers arrived this afternoon to remove the honeybees from my house. Since they weren't able to physically remove the hive without totally tearing up the house, they did something else instead. First, they applied caulk to the cracks in the wood that were providing the bees with an entrance to the area under the roof where they made their hive. Then, after they had created a small, defined entrance/exit area for the bees, they placed a chemical strip that apparently bees absolutely hate. They said that within 48 hours, all the bees will leave and re-locate three to five miles away. After all the original bees are gone, I am supposed to take down the chemical strip and give other neighborhood bees access to the hive. The neighborhood bees will then raid the hive and steal the remaining honey. When the honey is completely gone, all the thieving bees will disappear as well. When all the honey stealing bees have disappeared, I am supposed to seal all cracks around the eves of my roof with silicon caulk and then the problem will be solved. For all you critter loving folks out there, no bees are supposed to be harmed during this elaborate process. Well, I guess I did manage to harm a few of the bees already when I tried to get rid of them with Demon WP last week. Only a tiny fraction of the thousands of bees that inhabit the hive were affected though. At the time, I had no idea just how many bees actually inhabit a good size hive. If I knew that thousands and thousands of bees were living under my roof I would have been very scared. At any rate, we'll see how this all works. The entire process is supposed to take about a week.

I ordered some new software for the company today and was quite surprised to see that sales tax was added to my Paypal payment. One of the main reasons I order most things online is to avoid paying sales tax. Hmm. I guess I just assume that all online merchants are far, far away. When I checked the website again, I discovered that the company I just ordered from was right here in Texas. Oops.

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