Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 544

I made a major effort to reclaim the office from the clutter monster today. I found warranty cards that I had never filled out for things that had broken years ago. I found a radio that was full of old corroded and oozing batteries. If I had taken those batteries out five years ago, the radio would probably still work. I found some blank quarterly estimated tax vouchers from 2003. I wonder if that was the year I paid a penalty for not doing my quarterly's correctly? I found hundreds of floppy discs. What do you do with floppy discs? I don't have anything in the office that will even read a floppy anymore. After filling two large black trash bags with useless crap, shredding a bunch of papers that were totally meaningless to me, and taking a big plastic Container Store tub full of maybe items to the storage warehouse, I managed to clear about nine square feet of floor space that had remained hidden by boxes for months. I still have a long way to go before I have a tidy looking office again, but I'm making progress.

The yard looks better too. I mowed the grass in the front and the back and pulled up the vines that have been trying to strangle the Wax Myrtle tree in the courtyard. I even cleaned the air duct filters, which I should have done three weeks ago. When I was cleaning up today, I couldn't believe how many unopened things I found. There was unopened software. Unopened small electronic gizmos. There were a lot of unopened envelopes. I don't know when I thought I was going to get around to opening these things. Some of them were five years old.

The dog park was virtually empty again today. I kind of like it this way. There are no parking problems and very few worries about fights breaking out with other dogs. Actually, any kind of park is more enjoyable to me when it's empty. The Winter empty days are more pleasant than these 100 degree scorchers though. I can't wait for the cold, foggy mornings to return so the dogs and I can have the park to ourselves again.

I'm writing the blog a little early tonight, because I want to watch game 6 of the NBA finals. I'd like to see Dallas win this. I think they deserve it after all the struggles they've had over the years. It's kind of amazing that they're even in the finals. There were certainly a lot of years when getting in the finals was the last thing on anybody's mind.

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