Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 547

Not a bad day! My meeting went well with my new website client. There were a few changes and additions, but we're on the home stretch. With any luck, the site will probably go live early next week. I also finally got the new version of Quark Express installed on my computer, so I'm back in business doing print graphics as well. One thing I really like about Quark 9.0 is that you can easily export projects that are already formatted properly for Kindle and iPad. Maybe I'll try to turn my dog stories into an e-book. Other people are certainly doing this. Who knows. Maybe people will end up reading my stories while they're sitting by the pool, like in those Kindle TV ads.

Dash has got to be the most stubborn dog in creation. For the past week or so I've been thinking he was getting too hot on his walks, mostly because after walking about 300 yards, he would dig his heals in and refuse to go any further. Often, we had to cut our walk short and come home, even though Dot wanted to go further. Today, acting on a hunch, I let Dash set the direction and Dot and I just followed him. He was full of energy and walked as far as he normally does in cooler weather. Where did he want to go? You guessed it. He wanted to go back where the coyote pups have their den. This is exactly where I didn't want the dogs to go.

It was kind of a sad day at dog class tonight. One of our class members got kicked out of class because his dog attacked another dog for the second time in three weeks. In the six years I've been going to this class, I've never seen anybody get kicked out before. This was serious though. I think the teachers made the right decision. Even though everyone really likes the dog's owner, you just can't have a dangerous, aggressive dog in a training class. If people can't feel safe about bringing their own dogs to class, they'll just quit coming and the whole class will fall apart.

I think it's time to get out the caulking gun and seal up all the little cracks around the edge of the roof. From the look of things, all the honey has been removed from the hive by now. Even the neighborhood scavenger bees are gone. Now, all I have to worry about are the June Bugs in the back yard. Spot, our first Dalmatian, used to love June Bugs and ate hundreds of them. Dash doesn't appear to have the stomach for the critters though. He likes the taste, but our vet told us that eating the bugs may be partially responsible for the stomach problems he's been having lately.

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