Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 556

I finally got around to looking at the animal pictures I took yesterday. Some of them turned out pretty nice. Usually, when you do something like this, you'll get about one good picture out of every twenty you shoot. The animals are constantly moving and the costumes don't tend to stay on very long. In this case, Apple, the cat, didn't particularly like her Carmen Miranda hat. The little Chihuahua was up for anything though. He looked quite dashing in his new outfit and actually seemed to enjoy wearing it.

Like most animal photos I do, this one will end up as a poster that will ultimately be used to market a future animal rescue event. I keep thinking that pictures like these would make nice greeting cards too, but maybe not. I've still got a lot of unsold greeting cards sitting in the storage warehouse that were left over from the last time I thought greeting cards were a good idea.

So far my new printer hasn't clogged once. This is probably just because it is still new, but I'm hoping that this new reliability is the result of a design improvement and that the infernal thing will never clog. Making large prints is a whole lot easier when you don't have to spend an entire afternoon trying to coax a single good print out of the printer.

A new Dalmatian joined the others today up at the Dalmatian Rescue kennels. Janet and I will go visit the dog tomorrow, so I can take pictures and get him up on the website. The rescue group has done such a good job of finding homes for our dogs this year that there are usually only a few up at the kennel at any given time. This is so much better than the days when we were trying to find homes for 25 dogs at a time. Now, the rescue organizations that really have problems are to ones who are trying to find homes for those cute little toy breeds that will fit in your purse. That's what people want these days. Unfortunately, that's also what these same people take to the animal shelter six months later. The same thing happened with Dalmatians when the Disney 101 Dalmatians movies were popular. I'm glad those days are over.

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