Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 559

Another doctor's appointment today. This time I had to go for a follow up exam with the doctor who did the surgery on me back in December. Everything was fine. The surgery was apparently a total success. Now I only have to see this particular doctor once a year. I have two more of these follow up exams with other doctors later in the Summer. Then, there's the follow up on my investments with my financial adviser and the follow up on my aging car at the Land Rover dealer.

I used to consistantly get bad news from the doctors, while my broker would typically bring good news. Now everything is upside down. The doctors are actually encouraging, saying that my new healthy lifestyle is starting to show results, while my finances continue to deteriorate. My car, of course, has already deteriorated, but it still gets me where I need to go.

One place I need to go tomorrow is the vet. Dash has diarrhea again. He's been to the vet three times with this problem already this year. We're eliminated a number of serious diseases as the cause, but I still don't think anyone really had a clue what is causing this. It happens about every two or three weeks, lasts a day or two, and then he's right back to normal again. I really hope the vet can come up with a solution. I'm really getting tired of Dash pooping under my desk.

I paid all my June bills today. It's weird. Money comes in the door. Money goes out the door. And nothing really changes. There always seems to be enough to pay the bills on time, but I never really get ahead of the game. Maybe in this dismal economy, that's as good as it's going to get. I really need to invent something that I can sell for $19.95 on the cable TV channels and tell people that if they order right now, I'll send them not one, but two useless gizmos for the same price... with separate shipping and handling, of course.

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