Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 562

I had lunch today with Tom, the keyboard player for my old band The Fabulous Has Beens. Tom is on the far left in the picture and I'm the guy playing bass in the pink shirt. It was fun catching up on things while we were eating unhealthy fried foods at the Flying Fish. Like the rest of the band, Tom and I hadn't seen each other in years and had recently reunited on Facebook. Time had certainly taken it's toll on both of us. In some ways, it was hard to believe we both used to be rockers. In other ways, nothing had changed at all. Tom is a health insurance specialist now. I took this as a golden opportunity to complain about my own health insurance woes, but Tom told me I was a lot better off than I thought I was. "A lot of people working at good companies have worse plans than yours," he told me. Tom wanted me to join him at a breakfast business networking group he was a member of sometime next month. This would probably be a good idea for me. I don't get out much. Right now, the only networking I do is saying Happy Birthday to people on Facebook.

I think I set a new speed record for website design today. Well, it was a record for me anyway. I designed and launched an entire new website for one of my clients in a single day. Granted, it's not the most complex or fancy site in the world, but it works and actually looks pretty nice. It's kind of ironic. I got the site up so fast that the DNS still hasn't had time to finish moving from it's initial parking place at GoDaddy to the new servers at the hosting company. The site is finished, but nobody can see it yet, mostly because it generally takes a while for the DNS to propagate after you point it to a new location. I've tried to explain DNS propagation to my clients before but I don't think I've succeeded. I'm sure they think I just haven't finished the site yet.

It's hard to believe that the year is already half over. I certainly haven 't accomplished anything spectacular during the first half of the year. I guess there's still six months left to set the world on fire. Hey, I've got 200 blog followers now and 3,000 Twitter followers. That should count for something. Maybe I'm actually managing to make a boring life seem interesting. On that note, I'll go take out the garbage. It's Thursday night and that means it's time to haul the trash out to the street again. How time flies.

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