Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 566 - Independence Day

I've taken so many pictures of flags that I could probably show you something patriotic on the Fourth of July for the rest of my life. One year, one of my clients based their entire advertising campaign around the idea of flags and I went all over Dallas, taking pictures of every flag I could find. Some of the pictures turned out pretty nice. I took this one on a highway overpass, looking back at the city just after sunset. Every time a large truck went by, the entire bridge shook. I remember thinking at the time that it was a lot easier taking pictures in an air conditioned studio.

The dogs got to enjoy yet another new dog park today. We thought this one would be real fancy, since it was located in the Park Cities, but it was basically just a large vacant lot with a fence around it. Dot and Dash didn't seem to care that the park was missing a few amenities. There were new things to smell and new places to pee. Dash chased birds for a while and Dot sunned herself. You can tell they enjoy these outings. It's just too bad that Dash doesn't travel better in the car. He's usually OK on the way home, but the outbound trip to someplace new is always stressful. Dash makes such a commotion that he's going to cause a wreck one of these days.

I keep hearing on TV that there is unprecedented interest in the Casey Anthony murder trial. I think I know why. There's absolutely nothing else on TV these days. When I turned on the television at breakfast this morning, every single channel was broadcasting the closing statements live. You couldn't avoid this trial if you wanted to.

I'm ready to box up some more things to take down to the storage warehouse, but I'm having trouble finding the boxes. I know that I saved the boxes, but they're way at the back of the warehouse, covered up by years of other things that were relegated to storage. I did such a good job of utilizing ever available inch of space in the storage unit that the place looks like a Rubic's Cube now. To rearrange things I have to remove boxes in just the right order or nothing will budge. I'm envious of those guys who have huge storage units that they turn into man caves. A man cave would be nice. It would have to be air conditioned though. My storage space is just a narrow, very hot little room filled with dusty boxes.

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