Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 568

I got up early and went to my friend's business networking breakfast this morning. When I arrived at the Park Cities Club, there were actually two groups having breakfast meetings. I didn't know this at the time, so I just sat down with the first group I saw. This turned out to be a Bible study group and when they saw I didn't have a Bible with me, they told me that my group was meeting in a different room. The breakfast was actually pretty interesting. It was a small group of about twenty people and every one of them was a CEO of a different company. Luckily, the conversation didn't get around to the size of our respective companies, but I think the others could easily guess that my own company was pretty small.

I don't know if this group will ask me to join them, but if they do I probably will. Judging from the surroundings and the way the other people were dressed, I would think that the dues for this club are pretty steep. I'm sure I could pay for the dues pretty easily though if I just quit running my Google Adwords ad. So far, my Adwords ad has increased my website PR ranking a little bit, but it hasn't brought me any business at all. My gut feeling is that talking with real people about real business leads is a lot better investment than all the money I've dumped into useless Internet ads. This club serves bacon for breakfast too. I can't forget that.

The only problem with new business is finding the time to work on it. I was so busy today that I couldn't have worked on a new project if I tried. The day was filled with website revision requests, conference calls and writing assignments. I got finished just in time to quickly eat a few leftovers in the refrigerator for dinner and get Dot and Dash ready for dog training class.

I don't know why we even have these classes in July. The dogs are hot, the people are sweaty, and everybody keeps looking at their watch to see when the hour of training exercises is up. I guess these hot Summer classes do help us keep up a certain level of discipline though. It's kind of like making the bed every morning. Some days I don't feel like making the bed. Some days, when the dogs crawl back under the covers before I even have time to get dressed, I don't even see the point in making the bed. I always make the bed however, just like I always write the blog. A little discipline is good. If your life involves a certain amount of swimming upstream, I'm convinced that discipline will get you where you're going a lot more effectively than Prozac.

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