Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 578

I'm going to have to apologize for ignoring all those Farmville and Mafia Wars requests. Lately, I've been finding myself checking in compulsively on foursquare and will have to admit that this is just another online game, like CityVille and all the rest. Does it really matter if I'm mayor of the dog park? Probably not. Will I keep checking in? Probably so. Hey, a little mindless entertainment never hurt anyone.

I had to pick up some stuff at Sam's Club today and of course I couldn't find it. Why does this store keep moving things around all the time? Just as soon as I learn where a particular item is, they move it to another part of the store. This must be part of some diabolical plan to get people to buy more groceries by forcing them to push their buggy up and down every single aisle in search of peanut butter or paper towels. Maybe it's good marketing, but I find it irritating. Walmart and Sam's Club aren't places where I particularly want to linger. Do me a favor guys and just leave the strawberries where they were last week.

I've put together a little harness so Dot can wear the GoPro camera and help me make a movie from a dog's perspective. We'll wait till it's a bit cooler outside to try everything out though. It just wouldn't be right to have her wear this contraption while it's 105 outside. She's miserable enough in the heat as it is. You might wonder why Dash isn't going to wear the camera. There's an easy answer to that one. The camera would be destroyed in about five minutes.

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