Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 581

I spent quite a while on the phone this morning explaining what a browser cache was to a client who kept insisting that I hadn't done the updates they had requested. I tried to explain that the updates were already there, but that they were looking at an old cached version of the site on their computers. Why do so many people, especially in office environments, never bother to clear their browser cache? I've had people looking at old cached versions of websites that were at least six months out of date, totally perplexed at why there was nothing new on their site. I wasn't very successful at explaining the concept of the browser caching this morning, but I did finally convince my client to click on the reload button at the top of the menu, so they could see what I added several days ago.

When I was visiting with my financial adviser yesterday, I remember asking if we should buy something and pick up some bargains, since the market was having such a bad day. He said it would probably go even lower tomorrow. Hmmm. The last time I looked, the market was up over 200 points today. Go figure.

Dogs don't have to worry about the market. All they have to worry about is going to the vet. Dash had a vet appointment this afternoon for his bi-weekly antigen shot. His skin bronzing condition is getting better again after we changed his medication. Several months ago, the bronzing returned right after we started on a new bottle of antigen medication. I kept telling my vet that this had to be a bad batch of antigen, since nothing else had changed in the dog's diet or environment. The vet kept defending the pharmaceutical folks however and said that something else was causing the bronzing to return. After another round of tests proved nothing, I asked if they would switch to a new bottle of antigen just to humor me. Within a week, Dash's condition began improving again. It was a bad batch of antigen.

I think I'm going to go through this whole scenario again when I visit my own doctor next week. My blood sugar levels became elevated after he had me start taking Simcor, which has a known history of raising blood sugar levels. I've drastically cut back on eating sweets, but I think it is the Simcor that is causing the problem. Unfortunately, the Doc really likes Simcor. He thinks it's great for increasing "good" cholesterol levels. I'm not wild about taking pills in general. The side effects of taking too many pills to control various ailments eventually killed my Mom. In her case, the cure was worse than the disease. I guess that is the question. If a pill can keep you from getting a heart attack, but ends up ruining your liver, have you really gained anything?

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