Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 590

I went to a video editing seminar today. I'm not actually editing anything right now, but I enjoy hanging out with other editors and commiserating with them about clients who have decided to edit their next TV commercial themselves using iMovie. It's happened to me, and it's apparently happened to a lot of other editors as well. The seminar today was about Apple's new Final Cut X and the implications it has for video editing professionals. It looks like Apple has chosen to throw editing pros under the bus in exchange for making it easier for everybody else to put together better looking YouTube videos. This democratization of the creative process was the same general theme I heard the magazine publisher talk about last Wednesday. In the publisher's case, it was bloggers taking over the role once held by newspapers. Today, the message was more about everyone in creation thinking that they are a filmmaker.

I'm not really worried though. I guess if worse comes to worse, I can always go down to the Apple store and get a job at the Genius Bar. Even though a lot more people are using editing software and recording everything that moves with fancy camcorders, their knowledge of how these gizmos actually work is paper thin. There will always be a need for someone who can get under the hood and fix something when it breaks. Creative folks need to remember this. I make more money fixing botched writing jobs and failed websites than I do building these things from scratch. I don't really like Final Cut X, but I might buy it anyway, just so I can learn how to use the software and be ready when my clients turned filmmakers start telling me that they can't get it to do what they want.

My doctors office called me twice today to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. Either they're getting forgetful, or something is wrong. Often, when they are eager to see me, it is to tell me to stop taking some pill immediately. I'm really not fond of pharmaceutical companies. If you take any meds for an extended period of time, you are essentially a guinea pig. A lot of side effects don't even begin to appear until years after you initially started taking the pill. Personally, I'd much rather go back to eating bacon for breakfast and drinking generous amounts of wine with dinner. It's just not fair that bacon doesn't have any health benefits.

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