Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 600

Our Casino Party last night was held at a restaurant called Seňor Jalapeño. I'd never heard of this restaurant before and probably won't be back again, but it certainly caught my attention. The place was located in a nondescript strip center in a marginal neighborhood. It wasn't what you'd expect though. When you went inside, the place was spotlessly clean and was exceptionally well designed for a hole-in-the-wall cafe. The decor was all clean lines and Mediterranean colors. There was definitely an architect involved somewhere. On the walls were a series of framed drawings of various architectural projects. They kind of looked like student projects but I wasn't sure. I liked the designs. Before I got a change to ask questions, the party started and I spent the rest of the evening spinning the roulette wheel. I still wonder who built this restaurant and why? The food wasn't particularly good, but the place looked wonderful.

I couldn't really figure out who was at the party either. I knew it was a political action committee that hired Dalmatian Rescue for the event, but the people attending certainly didn't seem like political operatives. Each table was sponsored by a different local judge or state representative, but none of the sponsors seemed to be in attendance. The people who were at the party did like to gamble though and everyone appeared to have a good time. Who knows. Maybe these folks will hire us again and I'll be able to learn who is behind the mysterious Seňor Jalapeño.

There was nothing mysterious about today. It was just another hot August Sunday. We took the dogs to the dog park early to avoid as much of the heat as we could and then went about our Sunday chores. Dot and Dash got a bath today, which they hate, but it was definitely time. Dogs get dirty quickly in the Summer. I gave the shrubs in the back yard a bath too. It's probably hopeless keeping the yard looking green. The water coming out of the garden hose this afternoon was actually hot.

I was still in a cleaning mood when I finished the yard chores, so I took some more stuff down to the storage warehouse. Even though I've given myself an entire year to get my office cleaned up, I still don't know whether I'll be able to meet my self-imposed deadline. It's August already and at best, I'm only about halfway to the finish line. It's discouraging to spend time at the storage room too. The place is a museum of failed projects and unrealized dreams. Other people build relationships. I buy tools. I've got a tool to start just about any project imaginable, but only about 10% of these projects ever get finished.

All is not lost however. It's Day 600 today. This humble blog appears to be a project I haven't given up on yet. Writing for 600 straight days without missing a single post has got to be an achievement of sorts. If I can make it to Day 1000, I'll either get a book deal or carpel tunnel.

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