Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 605

I look at this blog as a public service. If you read it long enough, you'll come to realize that your own life is far more interesting than mine and feel better about yourself. Janet laughs at me for being Mayor of the Post Office on foursquare. "Can't you find something more interesting to be Mayor of," she says. Well, not really.

There was certainly nothing earth shattering happening today. I paid a few bills, brought some spreadsheet records up to date and finished writing a couple of ad assignments. And yes, I did go to the Post Office. It was hot again today and I had trouble getting the dogs back inside after lunch. Maybe they're suffering from light deprivation, because they love to spend time outside even on the hottest days. I've got to watch how long they're out in the sun though, since Dalmatians sunburn easily.

I never did get the Henry 209 roof patch cement at Home Depot that I promised myself I would take care of today. The writing job this afternoon took longer than I though and there were a couple of emergency web updates as well. I'd better get this chore done tomorrow, because I keep hearing that it might rain this weekend. When the mail arrived, there was another late registration notice from the city for Dot. This happens every year right after she gets her new city tags at her annual exam. Somehow, we're permanently out of sync with the city. I'll need to call them on Monday and explain that the pooch is completely legal and up to date on everything.

I got momentarily excited when UPS delivered a large mystery package addressed to me toward the end of the day. I didn't remember ordering anything. I initially though Paypal might be sending me a free logo jacket or tote bag for being an advertising spokesperson, but the package just turned out to be a spare paper tray for my printer. I must have ordered the thing, but my mind still draws a blank.

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