Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 615

I had a hard time getting up this morning. Dash had an upset stomach last night and woke us up several times during the night scratching on the door to go outside. The first time he goes outside in situations like these, he does nothing. The second time, he usually eats grass. Hopefully, there is a third time where he actually throws up, but as often as not, he waits until I'm in the shower the next morning and then throws up inside on the carpet. I've taken him to the vet over and over again trying to find a definitive answer to these episodes, but all the vets usually tell me is to give him a Pepsid AC.

At any rate, I could have used a couple of extra hours of sleep this morning. By the time we took our morning walk, Dash was back to normal again. His heartburn appeared to be gone, but mine was worse than ever. I don't do well if I don't get a good night's sleep. I'm still taking iPhone Instagram pictures on our morning walks and I'm starting to notice that there are never any people in the photos. It's not that I'm avoiding people. It's just that when I'm out and about, the world is empty. I kind of like it this way. I try not to go to the park until all the early morning joggers and cyclists have gone to work. It's a little harder to avoid the traffic on Dallas roads, but usually 2 to 4 in the afternoon is pretty good. I just need to remember to avoid the school zones, now that school is back in session.

There are a couple of friends who I've been meaning to have lunch with for several months now. Usually I've just finished breakfast when most people go to lunch though and I'm not hungry at noon anymore. Now that a lot of my work originates on the Internet, I'm starting to wonder just how insular my life might become. There's really no need to see anyone anymore. I keep doing a few things, like going to the bank and the post office the old fashioned way, just to get away from the keyboard for a while. These things could be done quicker and easier online as well, but after a while all this efficiency gets ridiculous.

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