Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 624

We ended the month exactly the same way we started. The dogs got an extended walk through the park. I got a nice breakfast. Then, the clients got their work done. In all these years, I've never missed a deadline. I don't think some clients would actually mind if I missed a deadline, but I don't like to let these jobs linger. They're all like a hot potato that I want to toss back to the sender as soon as I can.

I got done with enough time left over today to go up on the roof with a caulking gun and look for cracks to patch. Even though it's hot and dry now, the rainy season isn't that far away. I'd really like to have the roof sealed again before the Fall rains begin. I don't know how water gets through this roof. I looked and I looked today, but couldn't find any weak spots. I squirted the Henry 209 compound on anything that looked suspicious, but I'm not sure it will do any good. If history is any guide, there will be a drip in the living room again soon after the first heavy downpour.

The dogs were pretty good in class tonight. The weather was a few degrees cooler this evening and it was just enough of a difference to catch their attention. Dash did pretty well with all the exercises for a change, but I don't know what it's going to take for him to win a ribbon again. He used to win ribbons almost every week, but he hasn't finished in the top four for over six months now. Maybe he's adopted the same attitude I now have about advertising awards. I have boxes full of these things in the storage warehouse, but I don't even bother to enter the competitions anymore. What's the point.

It will be September tomorrow. Time for the dog's heartworm pills again. Maybe I'll have French Toast for breakfast instead of my usual biscuits and gravy. That ought to make the day exciting.

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