Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 628

I’m writing this at 38,000 feet. I doubt that I’ll be able to post the blog until we land again, but it’s a good time to write. I don’t know how Janet managed to get us upgraded to first class without paying any more. She’s a lot better at travel planning than I am. I’d almost forgotten how much nicer first class is than coach. I don’t get up to the front of the plane much anymore. There’s plenty of room for your feet up here. The flight attendants are nicer. They even serve you a real meal. I could get used to this. I’m sure the next time I fly, I’ll be right back in coach however. If my clients are paying, I’ll definitely be back in coach.

I think it took longer to get the dogs ready for the boarding kennel than it took to pack our own bags. We packed their food, their meds, their dog treats and their toys. I’m sure Janet probably threw in a few dog blankies into their bag as well. I think we’ll be able to watch them on a webcam when we arrive. I’ve learned that live webcams aren’t very reliable though. About half the time when I go to view one, it has already crashed.

Janet is convinced that if I could just learn to relax, my neck pain would go away immediately. I don’t think it’s this simple, but I’m certainly willing to give it a try. When we get to our hotel, I’ll probably just upload this and immediately go to sleep with my special u-shaped pillow wrapped around my neck.

Tomorrow is another day. I may feel fabulous tomorrow. The hotel mattress is probably a lot better than our mattress at home, which has been ruined over the years by large dogs jumping all over it. Just a good night’s sleep would probably make a world of difference.

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