Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 634

OK. We just got back from Vegas and what's on the agenda for tonight: another Dalmatian Rescue Casino Party. After this fundraiser is over, I think I've had enough with gambling for a while.

Saturday's are usually busy errand days anyway, but a Saturday after you've been away a week can seem even busier than usual. I've gotten my bags unpacked. I've taken the dirty vacation clothes to the dry cleaner. I've gone to the grocery store and filled the car up with gas. There's still cleaning and laundry do be done, including a dirty bedspread that Dash somehow managed to track mud on within the last ten minutes.

Just out of curiosity, I looked on the Tramadol website last night to see what Contraindications were listed. Right on the website, it said the drug should never be given together with muscle relaxers like Skelaxin. Why would my doctor not know this? In fairness, I never saw my real doctor about my neck episode. He wasn't available. The technicians that took care of me should have known better though. There is simply no excuse for giving me a prescription for two drugs that should never be taken together.

The house is finally nice and cool again. It takes a long time to cool down a house in Texas after you've left the AC off for a week. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have some time to clean up the yard. A possum or an armadillo totally destroyed the back yard while we were away. The critter must have been looking for grubs under the soil. In it's search for food, it dug literally hundreds of 3 to 6 inch holes all over the yard. Things weren't going all that well anyway, because of this Summer's head wave. This was the final nail in the coffin though. It's too late in the season to do much this year, but next Spring is a total do-over.

Hopefully, we'll make a lot of money for the Dalmatians tonight. Wish us luck...

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