Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 637

Apparently, our heat wave isn't over yet. It was 107 today. This doesn't seem right for the middle of September. When we take our walks, there are a few hardy Sunflowers here and there, but most of the vegetation is burned and brown. I've noticed that the trees are already starting to turn. Maybe they're just starting to die. I certainly don't see any of the usual Fall color. Just shades of brown this year.

Today I mostly did the things I promised to do yesterday. Catching up is taking a little longer than expected. I did get my "difficult" website revisions done though. These are the requests that force me to think, because I don't automatically know how to do what the client wants. It's good to have difficult requests from time to time, because this is how I learn new things. I don't think as much as I should. I'm way to busy doing repetitive things that require a lot of time but little actual thought.

It was time for Dash's antigen shot again today. While I was at the vet, the nurse said that Dot and Dash were both very good while they were being boarded. I don't know whether to believe this or not. Whenever I looked at the dogs on the kennel webcam during our vacation, all I usually saw was Dot barking as loud as she could. Maybe Dash was a good dog. Even that is doubtful though, since all he wanted to do today was go after the clinic cat.

I've got an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. When I made the appointment, I wanted to talk about my neck pain, but that's been improving day-by-day. What I really want to do now is see if I can reduce the number of meds I have to take every day. Before I started taking all these meds, I felt strong and could go all the way up to level five on a cardio stress test. Now I just feel tired all the time. My blood work looks better, but I'm convinced that the side effects of the drugs have taken my energy away. Convincing a doctor to take away the pills is going to be a tough sell. Just about every doctor and veterinarian I know really believes in the pills they prescribe.

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