Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 639

It was twenty degrees cooler today. I was really surprised when I took the dogs out this morning, because there wasn't much to explain the mild weather. No overnight storms. No big cold front. It was just nicer today. I wish I could convince Dash to take it easy on these walks. He tugs and pulls on the leash and is making it an uphill battle to get my neck back to normal. At least my neck pain isn't getting worse though, so maybe I can learn to deal with my rambunctious dogs.

I went to another seminar about the Panasonic AG-AF100 camera this afternoon. I'm getting closer and closer to purchasing one of these cameras because it meets my needs almost perfectly. Too bad I don't have a big video job in the pipeline to make the decision a little easier. This is really a good camera. It records high definition video to an SD memory card. It can use all the Olympus lenses I already use for my still camera. It has time code, professional microphone inputs, a built-in vectorscope and much more. For the purchase to make sense, I just need some more of the corporate video jobs that used to be my bread and butter business.

My bread and butter business now seems to mainly consist of low budget, quick turnaround website design and equally low budget writing assignments. It's weird to actually be making less money than I was ten years ago, even though I'm much busier than I was then. This seems to be a common problem though. Everyone from other photographers and advertising freelancers to the guy who frames my pictures tells me they are having the same problem. Basically, this economy totally sucks.

I had to rewrite an article I did yesterday, so that means that the article I was supposed to write today gets put off until tomorrow. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly tomorrow because now I've got two articles that need to be written, plus at least four websites that need changes. If only I could trade places with the dogs. They just slept on the bed all day.

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